PrimeLogic Systems is the service oriented company that provides solution and service across various verticals. The company is located at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Our business is focussed on following segments

  1. Software Development: We develop softwares based on client requirements using latest technologies.
    We have the following product for education segment
    • i-Lib – Web based Library Automation Software
    • i-Campus Register – Web based Student Tracking software
  2. Training: We Provide In-Campus Software Training on latest technologies to college students.
    We also conduct Co-Curricular activities for school students in school premises.
  3. GPS Tracking: We provide GPS Tracking of vehicles for schools and corporates.
  4. POS: We sell POS software integrated with Barcode Feature and GST Compliance.
  5. ID Card Printers and Accessories: We deal with leading brand ID Card Printers and Accessories.


To be the most innovative, interactive, consumer-driven organization


To be the company that best understands the requirements and deliver the services that meets the customer expectation.